Hair Cutting and Styling

Our haircut menu is a unisex and all age menu. We love being able to offer our guests an assortment of pricing depending on what is included rather than gender or age. We hope you love our innovative pricing structure!

Express Haircut

Express Haircuts include a shampoo, daily conditioner with a scalp massage OR a dry cut with a quick flat iron to smooth hair before cutting if needed.

Signature Haircut

Signature Haircuts include a shampoo and daily conditioner with an extended scalp massage and a blowdry/style.

Luxury Haircut

Luxury Haircuts include a shampoo and masque with an extended scalp massage. You may also choose between time under a heated dryer with masque OR an extended blowdry/style. (Typically for guests with either long or thick/coarse hair that are requesting a texture change.)

We also offer an additional menu for our textured guests. LoneStar has a team of stylists who have invested their time and funds into advanced, extended education to be able to service guests of all hair types. Our curl specialists are passionate about providing beautiful, wearable, custom haircuts to each curly guest. Whether your hair is wavy, curly, coily, or somewhere in between, you can rest assured that we will match you with a curl specialist that is excited to help you learn to love your natural hair. Each new curly guest will be invited to a full consultation to help find the perfect maintenance schedule, styling routine, and care routine that is custom to your hair type.


Express Haircut


Signature Haircut


Luxury Haircut


Express Curly Haircut

With a Certified Curly Stylist $42-$91

Signature Curly Haircut

With a Certified Curly Stylist $72-$122

Luxury Curly Haircut

With a Certified Curly Stylist $86-$141

Event Hair


Shampoo & Style