LoneStar Team

We understand the fear of your first visit when you don't know the stylist you're going to meet. That's exactly why we offer our exclusive Meet Your Stylist survey! Take a few moments to try it for yourself, and see which of our fabulous stylists are the best fit for you.

Starla 2021.jpg

Owner, Level 6 Stylist, LoneStar Educator

Nicole 2021.jpg

Level 5 Stylist, LoneStar Educator

Katie 2021.jpg

Level 5 Stylist, LoneStar Educator, L'Oreal Professionnel Educator

Penny 2021.jpg

Level 4 Stylist, Level 6 Curly Specialist, LoneStar Educator

Ally 2021.jpg

Level 4 Stylist

Rachel 2021.jpg

Level 4 Stylist, Level 3 Curly Specialist

Lauren 2021.jpg

Level 4 Stylist, Level 1 Curly Stylist, Level 3 Master Esthetician

Gabby 2021.jpg

Level 3 Stylist, Level 4 Curly Specialist, Manager

Stephanie 2021.jpg

Level 3 Stylist, Level 1 Curly Stylist

Alyssia 2021.jpg

Level 3 Stylist


Level 2 Stylist

Rosa 2021.jpg

Level 1 Stylist

Melissa fav 2021.jpg

Associate Stylist

Liz 2021.jpg

Level 1 Stylist

Aleeza 2021.jpg

Level 1 Stylist


Associate Stylist


Associate Stylist

Lauren V.jpg

Associate Stylist


Associate Stylist

Meg 2021.jpg

Level 4 Esthetician & Lash Specialist

Madison 2021.jpg


Sellena 2021.jpg

Guest Service Expert / Soon to be Associate Esthetician

Brylee 2021.jpg

Lead Guest Service Expert


Guest Service Expert - Esthetic Student

Along with our team listed above, LoneStar Salon & Spa is home to 2 incredible independent stylists.